Friday, May 14, 2010

I can't think of any title for this post..

When was my last post?Honestly I've forgotten..
Again..Lazy..U guys should know that clearly..

Y I am blogging again?cause I just woke up..nothing to do..n kinda emotional..
As what I've put as my personal message in msn..yes.."Not in mood"..
First of all thank to those who did care about me thru msn or's warm..although I didn't tell any of u the reason y I felt down..never tell cause I never know..

My friends even myself always think that I like being in Penang more than in Ipoh..In fact, do I??I like Penang cause I can hang out always n I can be updated with many info here..I admit that I did kinda love to stay in Pg rather than Ipoh before..but I am NOT anymore..It seems quite suffering for me to stay here for any longer..I miss Ipoh n my mama my papa all my family my church n my friends..Please God..Let me out of here asap..I want to graduate!!!I want my diploma life to end asap!!I am saying this not because of I hate or don't like my Pg friends..getting know with anyone of u is the best thing I've ever met in Pg..but meanwhile..I wish to have a peaceful to Ipoh..Life in Pg is definitely tense..recently a question sounds like "have I enroll the right course?" always pop-up in my mind..what the hell am I thinking huh?I have been wasting my time n money all the time here?!Could it be? NO WAY!!! since I've already paid the credits to come here to study..I'll finish it with the best I can..I know that I have the ability to fight n ends up with victory..God bless me..

by the way..just an myself, Lee Bau Yin or Ah bao or Ah bell is currently having a very good n sweet n stable relationship with Tan Siang Yiap or Sunzane or Ah boy muahahahahahahahahahahaXD
Don't jealous friends..bless me hehe..

aikz..after releasing my tension..feel much better..I Love You..whoever..

:) =) ^^

1 comment:

  1. ok la ok la...
    sai ming...
    I think u're a really good communicator and can cope with diff ppl and diff place at the same time...
    even u are not blog often...
    U'll still be the ah bao that We know...

    miss ya =)